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Providing building services to commercial, public, and private properties

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The philosophy of our company and its principles is very simple

  • Deliver what we promise.
  • Reliably.
  • On time.
  • At a fair price.

Business should be conducted this way and for a small company like ours, it is even more important to deliver a friendly service of superior quality to our customers.



We offer a great variety of services. Amongst others, we monitor the following:


Air handlers - Water-source heat-pumps - Gas furnaces - Fans - Pumps - Compressors - Motors and cooling towers

Domestic Water Supply

Water booster pumps - Pressure regulators and reducers - Fixtures - Boilers - Re-circulating pumps - Softener systems

Fire and life safety systems

Fire pumps - Control panels - Emergency power generators - Exit/entry ways and doors


Fixtures - Ballasts - Switches and light controls


Fuses - Breakers - Breaker panels - Main switch gear

Pool and Spa

Pumps - Motors - Filters - Chemical feeders - Skimmers - Heat exchangers - Water chemistry

Vendor / Subcontractor Coordination

Coordination of vendors and contractors in an effort to accomplish your projects and tasks in the most timely and reasonable manner.

Second Opinion

Giving our customers our honest, expert opinion in regards to any building maintenance related concerns or proposals on hand.

Around the Clock Service

Our engineers are available 24/7 and will react to any emergency in the most expeditious manner possible in an effort to avoid or limit potential damage to our customers' properties.



Our Management

Helmut Berchtold

Professional history represents over 17 years of developing and implementing comprehensive management strategies. Solid track record for successfully driving growth, profitability, and productivity in a variety of organizational settings. Demonstrated talent for providing swift assessment, analysis and development of solutions and strategies for achieving operational and financial objectives.



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